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The return of RLHOTS was a massive success!

Congratulations to Mr David Goodier who will be taking over as RLHOTS President and many thanks to Professor Gareth Scott for his services as outgoing President.

Congratulations to Mr Dimitrios Tsekes and to Ms Claudia Maizen on being named Trainer of the Year for 2021 and 2022 respectively. We are forever grateful to all those who provide excellent training and support to everyone on our rotation.

Well done to Arjan Sembi for winning best podium presentation with his group's work looking at prosthetic joint infections and also to Wahid Nabi on being selected to be put forward for this year's RLHOTS BOA presentation.

And finally many thanks to all of our speakers, our attendees and to the organising committee. We look forward to building on this year's successes and showcasing them at RLHOTS 2023 (provisional date set as 23/6/23).


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