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Upcoming Teaching dates for the end of 2020

Thank you to the Spine Team for an excellent online teaching session 2 weeks ago.

The next 2 dates we have are:

Tue 10th November: Limb Recon day

We are planning on holding an all day F2F teaching session (barring Covid-related changes) with social distancing maintained by having half the group spread out over a large lecture theatre and the other half doing practicals in the Stryker truck, and then we swap over.

This should be an excellent day of hands-on, interactive teaching focusing on planning, osteotomies, external fixation and circular frames, principles of limb reconstruction and more. It will include both exam related content as well as key practical skills.

Tue 8th December: Research

This will be hosted by Prof Griffin, Jamila and team in the morning, and then the Christmas Quiz and Quotes of the Year in the afternoon.


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